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Post by Admin on Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:54 pm

These rules apply to every forum except the "Outer Limits" forum.

1.No God-Modding The offense of God-Moding includes though is not limited to the following general descriptions:

-Role-playing the actions of another character and/or their personal equipment without prior permission.

-Performing impossible or illogical actions that are beyond the abilities of your character.

-Performing multiple actions in a single post without giving the other participants of a thread the opportunity to respond. This also extends to posting too frequently in a single thread without giving the other participants adequate time to respond, and applies both to single characters and groups of characters (i.e. in a battle between 2 Genin teams, team 1's characters posts several times without leaving any time for the second team's members to respond).

-Posting the possession of knowledge IC (In Character) that your character could have no way of knowing.

-Killing or severely wounding another character without prior permission.

This is a huge rule, and as I said, I can't possible illustrate in detail all the circumstances which could arise and be considered God-Moding. Basically, post fairly. Leave enough time for others to respond, and don't play your character out to be too powerful or god-like. If you want to deal out damage to another character, then be willing to accept damage yourself.

2. Do not post inappropriate content The site tries to maintain a PG-13 atmosphere, as we are all aware of the younger role-players who come here. IC swearing is allowed, but only to an extent. Don't over do it.

-Violent expressions and actions are bound to occur as well considering this is a ninja RPG, and I could go on to place so many limitations on what sort of violence should be posted here on the site, but that would be time consuming, and in the end, probably useless. So I'll just say this, violence should be handled tastefully, and just as with the swearing there is no need to over do it. If you can say what needs to be said without being excessively graphic, then say it that way, and if you can't and really need to include graphic violence, then a disclaimer is required at the head of the post, and if the content is really questionable I'd suggest speaking with a member of the staff before posting, for if the post is found offense enough by a staff member, you could be held
accountable even if a disclaimer was provided.

-Graphic sexual content will not be allowed, at all. That's not to say that sex isn't allowed, but only that the sort of sexual content appropriate to the site is the subdued kind. If sexual content must be included in a post, you are encouraged to handle it tastefully, and no, tastefully is not the equivalent to soft pornography, but more or less the equivalent to abstract. Leave it to the imagination, we all have one of those, and regardless of the degree of the content, a disclaimer should be provided at the head of the post.

3. There are no restrictions based on continuity except for those which are made by the roleplayers You can feel free to post in any thread (unless the creator of the thread has made it exclusive), and can post in more than one thread at a time as long as it makes sense for you to. For instence, having your character magically appear in the middle of the Otokage's throne room would not be allowed, but posting in two different threads at the same time would be, even in two different locations.

4. No OOC (Out of character) swearing is allowed with perhaps the exception of a minor expletive. When speaking OOC, you should treat other role-players with respect. Try to refrain from the use of abusive language and insults. If an argument occurs due to a thread or some other circumstance, try to debate and settle the argument as peacefully as possible, and always feel free to ask for the assistance of a member of the staff in mediating.

5. No offensive images or language should be included in custom signatures or titles Images should also be kept to a reasonable size and large amounts of text should be placed in marquees or scrolling text formats. I can't give any specifics for the sizes or content of custom signatures, but if a staff member requests that it be changed, please do so. This is only a violation if a staff request is ignored, or if the custom signature is blatantly offensive.

6. Make an effort to always be respectful to the staff Members of the staff take time out of their lives to keep the site functioning so that it can be as enjoyable as it is, and at times can carry over some of the emotional baggage from real life. I'll ask that you simply deal with this, and understand that when making a decision the staff has the best interests of the site as a whole in mind.

7. Spamming is not Tolerated Spam can be defined as double posting, advertising in the inappropriate forum, posting something in the inappropriate forum or talking off-topic. We do realize accidents occur. If you make one simply edit the post that was spam, deleting the initial post and replacing it with an apology and acknowledgement of the spam.

8. The staff members have the right to edit and add/remove content from the rules at will All changes will be placed in the announcement forum. Any changes to the rules take effect immediately and pertain to all characters even if they have been created before the rule was put into place.

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