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Post by Admin on Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:05 pm

The common currency known as ryō for all sorts of matters, we're using a second numerical value to upgrade your character..

Ryō are received through the following methods:

Starting a roleplay thread gives you 25 ryō
Posting in a roleplay thread gives you 10 to 20 ryō based on the danger level of the area
Doing missions rewards you about 50 to 500 based on the danger level of the mission
Participating in events gives you an amount based on how much you did during the event
Promoting the forum through advertising on active roleplay forums gives you 50 ryō per 10 advertisements posted
Promoting the forum through affiliating with active roleplay forums gives you 50 ryō per affiliation

Ryō can be used for the following things:

Upgrade the level of one of your nature transformations
Upgrade the level of one of your statistics
Purchasing the rights to train a jutsu
Purchasing miscellaneous upgrades for your character from the Black Market
Purchasing abilities and feats.

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