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Post by Admin on Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:28 pm

1. We are not above the law in any way. We must adhere to all other rules just like anyone else. Not only that, but we should be even more mindful to them as we are the staff and should act as "models" to how an RPer should be.

2. No major changes to the board should be made without consultation. Really, we can't have people just making random changes. If it’s big, you should at least get the other staff member's OK.

3. No abusing your power. Being a member of the staff is a privilege, not a right. It can be something that can easily be taken away. If we feel you are abusing your powers they will be stripped from you, immediately without any warnings. If you threaten to abuse your power, you might as well have actually done it.

4. You can't accept your own applications. Face it, your human and you're going to be bias to your own bio.

5. You may not grade your own threads Much like the previous rule, you are going to be bias for or against threads that you participated in. That isn't fair to the members or yourself.

6. Necessity over-rides all the rules except the next one. If something needs to be done, and the entire staff is on vacation or something, do it. If the rest of the staff has a problem with this when they come back then so be it. This will not count as an abuse of power.

7. This topic can not be edited for any reason, unless the entire, or at least an overwhelming majority, agrees. This is to stop people from abusing that ability. This is also the only rule that does not fall into the sixth rule's jurisdiction.

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