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Although Samurai and Ninja are cut from different cloth, their roles in the world weave an intricate pattern that encompasses nearly every facet of normal life. Samurai act as the world's police force, contracting their armed forces to countries in need of aide, while Ninja conduct business in the shadows -- boasting a tight stranglehold on the illicit activities of the underworld. Each day clients will contact these respective groups to pay for their services. On one hand someone would request a team of Samurai to provide security for a business, and on the other hand someone may contract a team of Ninja to extort the same business.

These jobs are thus divided into difficulty ranks, each of which are assigned only to certain shinobi and samurai - D, C, B, A, and finally, S. If the mission is completed successfully, the client will then pay whichever faction, which in turn pays the shinobi or samurai a percentage. Needless to say, failure heeds no positive compensation.

Missions are an essential way of keeping your faction afloat and keeping yourself in the game. Although it is up to the faction's Kage to make relevant missions with difficulty based on task, not writing length, the player is more than welcome to attempt and create their own in the Custom's board!
'D' – The easiest and least deadly of jobs, these missions are almost always given to Genin and Apprentices. These missions help to build teamwork skills among newly initiated ninja and Samurai Academy graduates, and are therefore non-combativeness with low pay. An example of such a mission would be petty theft for the shinobi and non-violent identity searches for the shinobi. These missions, if completed successfully, yield 500 Ryo.

'C' – Assigned to skilled Genin and Apprentices and on occasion Chuunin or Adepts, these missions involve some sort of physical exertion from the hired party, with the possibility of combat lurking. Injury is therefore something to be expected should the participants somehow fail. An example of such a mission would include protective escorts, capturing or poaching dangerous animals, and even mine clearing. These missions, if completed successfully, yield 1,000 Ryo.

'B' – Now things get serious. With the anticipation of combat present, only skilled Chuunin and Adepts are deployed on these tasks. These also include protective escort, gathering intelligence on rival factions, and even the intensive killing of enemies. Open battle is generally not an issue during this mission type as it is expected at this level of combat. These missions, if completed successfully, yield 2,000 Ryo.

'A' – The near impossible tasks, and as such, assigned almost always exclusively to Jounin and Master Samurai. These include vital missions between nations, escorting VIPs and creating maneuvers against factions on a large scale. In the end, these missions will almost always involve combat and risk of death, something the participant must be at peace with before accepting the mission. These missions, if completed successfully, yield 1
3,000 Ryo.

'S' – If a 'A' ranked mission was near-impossible, then consider these possibly world ending. Reserved only for the more elite of Jounin and Master Samurai, these missions involve the assassination of important persons such as other Kage, Samurai, or even a Daimyo. Decimating a city, starting a war, or even transporting classified documents and illict materials that could potentially start or end one. These missions, if completed successfully, yield 5,000 Ryo.
It should be noted that Kages and Commissioners have the ability to bypass the "rank" requirements for missions, and can assign any level mission to any shinobi, regardless of their personal rank (i.e a leader could send a team of low level members out on a s-ranked mission, albeit highly discouraged to do such).

It should also be noted that missions should be justifiably written out in correlation to their rank. Should your leader feel you did a poor job at your mission, they do reserve the right to decline your completion (simply in terms of payment of ryo and exp for completing the mission).

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