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Death Enable Topics

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Death Enable Topics

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 15, 2017 6:27 pm


It's inevitable that people will become attached to their characters, but rather than punish individuals for enjoying their creation, here at Last we want to encourage handlers to put effort into building a ninja of renown.

In other words, all threads will be considered NDE or Non-Death Enabled unless specified otherwise by the thread creator. This means that the characters cannot die, no matter how gruesome the circumstances are, unless the handler chooses for their character to die.

That said, this does not give the handler permission to magically evade all attacks and survive all outcomes unscathed. The lasting damage to your character will be determined on a case by case basis, depending on the circumstances of your particular thread.

If your character was in an explosion expect to have severe and noticeable burns in your subsequent threads. If you've lost a limb or an eye but survived a battle due to the Non-Death Enabled Rule, your character will bear those wounds in the threads following.

IMPORTANT! If one character has been defeated in a Non-Death Enabled thread, if they have no means to escape further attack, the winner is free to loot or kidnap that character should they choose. We ask that handlers play honorably in an attempt to build story. If an outcome can't be determined civilly by the two handlers, a moderator will step in and give their verdict.

Keep in mind that this is generally frowned upon and, should things be pushed to this extent, the outcome may not be beneficial for either party.

◀️ exceptions
Skirmishes between rivaling shinobi may be considered Non Death Enabled, but attacks on rival villages will always be considered Death Enabled.

Characters possessing Kinjutsu or Bijuu will automatically be considered Death Enabled no matter what thread they enter.

Moderators also reserve the right to flip scenarios around should the time seem appropriate. Simply put, Death Enabled can become Non Death Enabled and vice versa should the circumstance warrant a change.

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