Nature Transformations

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Nature Transformations

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:00 pm

Acquiring a release is a simple procedure and a rite of passage to shinobi. History has shown us that we all have the hidden potential for manipulating nature, and while not everyone has the same skills, each chakra wielding individual can use their unique talents in a way to fulfill a higher purpose. In this case, through hard work and practice, more than one release can be acquired.

However, before all that, you must understand the rules:
As stated in the Data Books, a new regular player-characters starts with a single release of their choosing. Additional releases may be purchased in the Shops for a fee of 1,000 Ryo depending on the kind of release being purchased or gain by raise your knowledge stat. The maximum amount of "releases" you may acquire is three (advanced release included; this means that you will be able to purchase the two parent releases, and then the advanced release, itself).

Clans members possessing a Kekkei Genkai may never wield an Advanced Release, unless that blood-limit's specific power is designed to use an advanced release (i.e Yuki with Hyouton).

If a user is born with an Advanced Release, no other releases may ever be used other than those that comprise it. However, if a character is born within a special bloodline unique at controlling a certain Advanced Release, they may only use that advanced release, and not the basic ones that come together to make it possible!
Under normal circumstances, a character may never have more than one Advanced Release. However, in unique situations (i.e acquiring a bijuu), this rule may be circumvented.

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Re: Nature Transformations

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Throughout the world of Naruto, one will note that there exists certain groups labeled 'Clans. Clans are renowned for their Secret Techniques and Kekkei Genkai, or 'Bloodline Limits', which give their users just that: powers that they are born with, unique by blood, and are able to be developed and refined over time.

It should be noted, however, that a character may never be apart of two clans simultaneously. Likewise, this also means that a user may never naturally possess two separate Kekkei Genkai (this means that a Sharingan user could not possess the Lava Release kekkei genkai, and so on and so forth). In some situations, interesting combinations can be formed via the medical transplanting procedure.
A Clan refers to a family or group of people who form a basic unit within the world. A majority of these clans were known to have started out as mercenary military forces even before the advent of modern society, but over time grew with influence and power once their Secret Techniques came to be known. The first known clans across history agreed to settle and form villages, facilitated by creating agreements with the ruler of the land they inhabited. Many clans would follow the example of these pioneers, later establishing the initial Five Great Countries as they are known today, as well as the Lower Nations.

Membership in a clan is usually determined by blood relations and genetics, which is vital in the usage of secret techniques, though the blood relation is more for family and does not grant them any special powers. These attributes and abilities made many clans feared and renowned throughout many villages. While clans may be composed of many individuals and extended families, many are somewhat limited to a nuclear family.

Beyond this, there are some clans which, in addition to very unique and powerful jutsu, possess special and wholly unique traits:
A Kekkei Genkai, or "Bloodline Limit", consists of abilities passed down genetically in specific clans from a parent to their children, to the point only those sharing such blood could control the aforementioned special powers. Kekkei Genkai abilities that work via the user's eye are called Dōjutsu. Other Kekkei Genkai include mixing one type of basic elemental chakra with another, creating a new one unique to the clan, which is usually impossible for normal ninja; these include things such as the Wood Release, Lava Release, and several others.

Kekkei Genkai and their related techniques cannot be taught to or copied by others due to their blood uniqueness. However, Kekkei Genkai can still given to others and assimilated through the proper methods. Dōjutsu, or other Kekkei Genkai isolated to a single organ, can be transplanted into the body of another. However, because it is not natural to the recipient, use of these organs requires much more chakra than someone born with the kekkei genkai.

Although kekkei genkai are usually genetically shared within a specific clan, sometimes it is unique to one person alone, and that even family relatives do not share it.

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