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Katon, or 'Fire Element', takes the form of fire based attacks, allowing the user to birth these flames out of thin air. Ranging from fireballs and other focused projectiles, to wide, extended flame throwing and overall area of attack jutsu, Katon is typically a specialized offensive element, and excellent for short to mid-range attacks.

Tier One - Ashes to Ashes: It is said that a Katon user's flame rivals that of the sun, and can burn through almost anything. And while this might be a stark dramatization, the chakra infused heat does pose a far greater threat than most typical fire. Katon users of this level are capable of using their flames to easily melt steel, and all non-suiton defensive jutsu (barriers and walls) of c-rank and below.

Tier Two -2,500 Ryo Fanning the Flames: It is no secret that Katon and Fuuton share a very symbiotic relationship as two complimentary elements. However, they can also be greedily be used against each other. Masters of the Katon style know this, and prefer to take advantage of this. With their flames burning so intensely, the Masters of Katon at this level have learned to neutralize Fuuton techniques of b-rank and below by devouring the very oxygen giving them form.

Tier Three -5,000 Ryo- the Dragon's Breath: Masters of Katon are, by many, considered to be the reincarnation of dragons. Their flames burn at incredibly destructive degrees, leaving nothing but charred ruination in their wake. Masters of the Fire Element have become so attuned to this powerful art that they no longer require the usage of hand seals to focus on Katon-based techniques of b-rank or lower. Instead, they can simply craft their technique through sheer will alone, regardless of how intensive it might be for another user.

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