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Doton, or 'Earth Element', takes the form of earth and mud based attacks. Ranging from walls made from mud, stone, rock, or earth itself, to the ninja maneuvering himself below ground to attack his opponent from below, Doton grants the user absolute control over all that is earth. Doton can change the hardness and composition of objects, making a creation hard as steel or soft as clay. Due to the expansive nature of the ground and earth in general, this release is excellent for short to long range combat.

Tier One - Standing on Solid Ground: There is no greater foundation than the solid ground of the earth. Whether it be for a home or a temple, the earth beneath the structure is always the most important aspect. Doton Masters have taken the principle to an entirely, and learned to use the support of the earth in their favor. While on any natural terrain (including debris such as boulders and rocks), the user is immune to knockbacks\knockdowns.

This does not mean they cannot be tripped or kicked off their feet. It simply means that a technique that would knock your typical shinobi back, however far, will not work on Doton masters of this level. The damage is in no way dampened.

Tier Two - 2,500 Ryo- Earthen Repetition: Like most users of elemental ninjutsu, the greatest advantage they have over other Ninjutsu is that their resources are in such wide abundance. Doton masters of this level have learned to take full advantage of that fact, dramatically increasing the potency of their jutsu. By harnessing more minerals for their jutsu, all defensive Doton-based techniques are effectively tripled in size for no additional cost in chakra, while their offensive techniques are doubled in size.

Tier Three - 5,000 Ryo -One with the Earth: There are those who consider the Earth to be a living, breathing organism. Many Doton users share this belief due to their close relationship with nature, and have learned to use this to their advantage. By tapping into the planet's natural energy source, the user can effectively sense all creatures and structures around them up to a maximum range of thirty meters so long as they (the objects in question) are touching some part of the earth. In order to use this ability, the user must be touching a part of the earth with their skin, whether it be their bare foot or a finger.

This technique is not always active, but can "activated" at anytime for at no cost to the user.

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