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Suiton, or 'Water Element', takes the form of water based attacks. Whether they are created by the user themselves, or obtained from a source nearby, all Suiton attacks aim to overwhelm their victims in traitorous waters. At the same time, walls of water can be summoned as a defensive measure against incoming attack, making it suitable for many uses. In this regard, Suiton is very diverse both defensively and offensively when it comes to shape modification, making it ideal for many forms of combat.

1. All suiton jutsu require a water source (unless stated otherwise in the technique).

2. Multiple users can use the same water source, but not control each others water creation, until they stop their manipulation and their chakra leaves the water!

Tier One - the Liquid Pathways: Like the rolling rivers and coursing streams, Suiton specialists have been known for how quickly they can forge their handseals. Suiton users of this level have learned to decrease the handseal count of all suiton-based jutsu by a total count of 2.

Tier Two - 2,500 Ryo- From the Air to Oceans: One of the most noticeable drawbacks to the Suiton skill is that the majority of its jutsu require a source to facilitate them. However, there are a handful of Suiton masters who have learned to bypass this unfortunate "rule" to a certain degree. By assimilating the water from the air itself, Suiton masters are capable of performing all water-based techniques of a-rank and below without a water source.

Tier Three -5,000 Ryo-Hydration, the Metamorphosis: Pushing the their knowledge and skill of suiton the limit, masters of this level are able to use all suiton-based techniques without a water source. Furthermore, this mastery: allows access to the "forbidden" technique, Jouki Boi, reduces the chakra cost of all suiton-based jutsu by one tier, and also reduces the handseal count of all suiton-based jutsu by an additional two seals (with the absolute lowest being 1).

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