Fuuton- Wind

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Fuuton- Wind

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 15, 2017 10:01 pm

Fuuton, or 'Wind Element', is an affinity based on wind power created by oneself, and the ability to control gales and currents to their liking, taking the form of wind based attacks. These can be huge gusts or sustained wind storms. Fuuton jutsu also enable large area attacks, hidden strikes, slicing attacks, and even techniques made to throw opponents off balance. This release is moderately useful at both defensive and offensive purposes, making it an easy yet reliable release to acquire. Finally, Fuuton is typically a specialized offensive element, making it good for close to mid-range attacks.

Tier 1- Winds of the North and South: Fuuton has been praised as being one of the most versatile and useful out of the five basic elemental affinities. Just as quickly as it can be used for offensive measures, the wind release can then be used as an effective defense, as well. The winds of the north and south are known to be somewhat turbulent due to their mountainous domain, often times making more dangerous paths incapable of being traveled upon, less the adventurer risk being thrown off a cliff.

Master Fuuton users of this level have learned to channel this ferocity into their techniques; the Fuuton master can, upon contact, choose to "detonate" their Fuuton creation. The force generated from this "explosion" is capable of completely knocking the wind out of a target (if striking them in the torso), all the while sending them three meters back. This detonation can be applied to all Fuuton jutsu without a knock back, and stacks with those that do.

Tier 2 - 2,500 Ryo-Winds of the East and West: Beyond the opposition that winds might pose, their abrupt speed is yet another factor giving this element its strength. Going a step further the the turbulent winds of the Northern and Southern regions, there are those who have learned to harness the swiftness of the Eastern and Western winds. Easily capable of stirring a hurricane, and rather abruptly, this level of Fuuton master allows the user to reduce the hand-seal count of all Fuuton based ninjutsu by two.

Tier 3 - 5,000 ryo-Corner Stones, Master of the Four Winds: By achieving complete understanding of the four winds and each aspect they bring to the Fuuton element, the user literally harmonizes their chakra reserves with the air around them. In doing this, they are forever encased within a dormant "aura" of wind chakra that extends up to one meter from their body in all directions.

Once every other post (one post cooldown), for one Low increment of chakra, the user can activate this aura to dramatically alter the course of a incoming physical projectile. By using this ability, the Master Fuuton user is all but immune to throw weaponry (no matter how much force is put into it), and incredibly difficult to strike with larger weapons. A sword strike aimed to cleave them in half can be steered completely off course, and with a simplistic pivot, evaded entirely while leaving the aggressor completely open for a counter assault. This aura does not work on chakra-based constructions.

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