Raiton- Lighting

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Raiton- Lighting

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 15, 2017 10:09 pm

Raiton, or 'Lightning Element', takes the form of electrical and lightning based attacks. An affinity based on electricity created by oneself, it grants the user the power to alter various elements of nature carrying some sort of electrical charge. Raiton jutsu usually involve shocking, blinding, paralysis, and other quick strikes and ailments. When used in conjunction with metal based weapons, the power becomes amplified. While not a useful release for defensive purpose, its offensive prowess is what makes it a deadly and effective. Finally, lightning is most effective for middle to long-range attacks.

Tier 1 - Static Focus: Master of lightning based chakra, shinobi who favor the art of raiton are capable of using their body's own electrical current as a weapon. Once every two turns, masters of this level may "jolt" any number of victims they come in contact with, numbing the effected area for a post. This unique ability costs no chakra; however, using it again before the "cooldown" has reset will result in the user paralyzing their body entirely for two posts.

Tier 2 - 2,500 Ryo Electrical Circuit: One of the aspects which makes raiton so powerful is its versatility, which masters of this element know quite well. The same electricity which chars flesh from bone can also be used to power a house for days, and likewise, a body. Once every other turn, the user may absorb a single raiton-based attack, assimilating the chakra into their own (which will stack ontop of their current pool state for the remaining duration of the thread, or until used; this means that if the user has one massive left and absorbs a mid worth of chakra from an attack, their pool will be at one massive, one mid). Unfortunately, this cannot be used on devastatingly powerful raiton attacks (i.e kirin).

Tier 3 - 5,000 Ryo- the Lighting Fang: Taking their mastery of raiton chakra even further, the user begins to understand how to effectively charge external objects. While not a perfect understanding, they are capable of charging a single object in a coat of raiton-based chakra, dramatically increasing its cutting strength (on par with chidori). These objects can leave the user's possession after they've been charged (i.e you can throw them), but lose their charge in the following post. This ability can only be used once every three posts, and requires a single Mid worth of chakra. If the user already knows chidori and all of its sub-techniques, this feat can be performed once every other post with no cost.

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