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Mokuton no Jutsu, or the Wood Release Technique, is a Advanced Release of surprising and intense power. The Release is formed through the combination of two Basic Releases, Doton (Earth Release) and Suiton (Water Release). When the two Basic Releases are combined together in the correct fashion, the user is capable of producing Mokuton, and with it, the ability to manipulate and control trees.

Like most of the Releases that exist within the world, Mokuton is capable of being created both from the environment around the user as well as from the user's chakra. Because of this ability, it is important that an opponent stay vigilant against a Mokuton user.

Mokuton in particular is a powerful branch of Ninjutsu due to both the high defensive qualities taken from Doton as well as the high malleability of the roots and wood which is taken from Suiton. The combination of sturdiness and flexibility means that those who fight against a master of Mokuton would do well to keep their guards up, or else perish when an unsuspected forest appears from underneath their feet.

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