Jinton Dust

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Jinton Dust

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 16, 2017 2:45 pm

Jinton, or Dust Release, is the first and only known Kekkei Touta in existence. Created through the combination of three separate elements (Earth, Wind, and Fire), this uncanny elements seems to possess all of its founding fathers' strengths and none of their weaknesses. Though somewhat limited in terms of techniques (due to the rarity of this ability), Jinton, without a doubt, possesses the most powerful ability in the world: that which allows the user to dismantle any structure caught in their trap on a molecular level. With the ability to wield such terrifying power, it's no surprise that there are very few who have ever crossed blades with a practitioner of the Jinton style and lived to speak of it.

1. Jinton requires Administrative approval.

2. Jinton will only be obtainable on characters with the rank of Chuunin or higher. Beyond that, Chuunins will only be able to learn up the Cube version of Jinton (they will not be able to use flight, either). Jounins will be able to learn the full tree.

3. Forgoing the aforementioned rules of this Kekkei Touta, the administration will occasionally select players we feel have the plot driven mindset to make these abilities useful. We will contact you. Please do not send us PMs explaining why you feel you are the proper candidate; we aren't interested. It goes without saying that players chosen for this role will need to start a fresh character, and will need to unlock this unique ability through an event-styled roleplay

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