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Teams and Squads

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Teams and Squads Empty Teams and Squads

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:58 pm

teams and cells

Teamwork is an essential part of the Shinobi world, and a staple in every village. The camaraderie built and the bonds established are strong and enduring, withstanding the test of time and providing those that wield it an undeniable sense of warmth and reinforcement. Such groups are usually designed to compliment each other, with each component member being unique and versatile in some way. Two types of groups have been established within current times:
Teams- Ninja Exclusive: Designed within a ninja faction, these groups are usually mounted by the Kage with a sense of balance and team harmony in mind. Usually led by a Chuunin or Jounin, an ninja cell carries, at a maximum, 4 members.

Squads - Universal: For those outside the Shinobi world, a sense of teamwork still exists that allows them to face the perils around them - Samurai, Daimyo, Non-Ninja, and Missing-Ninja. Leadership rank has no restriction, but membership never surpasses 5 members.
◀️ bonuses

For those wondering what's the big deal about teams and squads, it's the fact that any RP completed with the entire team or squad present will yield a scaling multiplier for all participants. Consider it a "partner bonus" of sorts.

A group (team or squad) of two members will yield a multiplier of x2; a group of three members will yield a multiplier of x3; and so on and so forth, with the maximum multiplier being x5.

Teams operating outside of an organization's control (being as how your team, under an organization's influence, can shift based on your boss's desires) are those who have been together for quite some time, be it a pair of missing-ninja or a group of four samurai.

These players should have an extensive resume with each other (at least four threads of teamwork being demonstrated with all members of the "squad" present and active).

Simply jumping in a thread with another player and completing a task does not meet the requirement for the quadruple Ryo bonus.

You'll also need to make a little note in the last post of the thread so the moderator grading the thread knows to give each writer their bonus Ryo. This is your job to remember, not the moderators' job!

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