Inton- Genjutsu

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Inton- Genjutsu

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:47 pm

Genjutsu techniques are the illusion techniques of the ninja world, which like their Ninjutsu counterparts, generally require hand seals to perform. The idea behind Genjutsu is that the ninja will use Yin (In) chakra, or more specifically the Yin Release (Inton) to force others into witnessing phantasms they otherwise would not see. By forming such illusions the user can cause their target mental pain and suffering, which can be just as real as physical torture.

Essentially, Genjutsu is created when a ninja extends their Yin chakra through the cerebral nervous system of their opponent to control their minds chakra, thereby affecting their five senses.

The user's ability to cast illusions depends on their Genjutsu Skill, a set of passive abilities which determine basic aspects of an Inton technique - like range, or victims affected, for example. The more the user develops these basic skills, the better their Genjutsu casting will be.

To combat the effects of Genjutsu, there are three options.

The first is for the ninja to stop the flow of chakra in their body, and then apply an even stronger power to disrupt the flow of the caster's chakra - Genjutsu Kai, Hachimontonkou, or in rarer cases Bijuu interference.

The second option is to have an outside ninja unaffected by the Genjutsu make body contact, and use their chakra to disrupt the casters flow.

And finally, if nothing else, the use of pain being inflicted (any valid sort've pain) is enough to end the technique.

1. Inton requires the "Yin release," which does take up a user's elemental slots.

2. Inton requires Administrative approval.

3. It should be noted that all genjutsu are active until they are disrupted, either by the user via Kai or pain (when applicable), or some outside interruption such as a shinobi altering another's chakra flow. Furthermore, unless stated otherwise, Genjutsu techniques only target a single person.

Tier One – Advanced Training, the Art of Assimilation: In most cases, Genjutsu-based techniques fall into two categories: those that effect a single person, or those that effect a large mass of people. However, more crafty Genjutsu users have forged a bridge between the two sects, something of a “middle ground.” Genjutsu practitioners of this aptitude have learned to push the limits of their abilities even further; now, they can increase the number of victims they may entrap using single-target Genjutsu techniques by 2 (for a maximum of three people).

Tier Two – 2,500 Ryo-Advanced Training, Ebb and Flow: The disruption of the chakra system is also another way to free someone who has been ensnared by a Genjutsu. While somewhat more challenging than causing the victim pain, this is the preferred method of removing illusionary techniques while in a party, and for Jinchuuriki who have mastered their control over the bijuu inside them. However, there are those who have refined their skills to such a profound degree that even this method of removing the illusion becomes tedious. This training ensures that all of the user’s Genjutsu will require an increment of x2 High to break when using the “chakra disruption method,” no matter the rank of the Genjutsu technique being used.

Tier Three –5,000 Ryo -Advanced Training, the Path of Pain: In spite of Genjutsu’s power, the illusionary art has several very explicit weaknesses; pain is certainly one of them. However, there are a rare few Genjutsu users who have learned to circumvent this obstacle entirely, by focusing all of their effort and time into mastering their craft. At this level, a user’s illusions are so powerful that not even pain can break them.

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