The Nanabi, Seven-Tails

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The Nanabi, Seven-Tails

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:04 pm

Dormant State: This is the symbiotic relationship between the Jinchuuriki and their Bijuu in its simplest form. In many cases, users may go on not even knowing the power they possess inside of themselves. Despite this, the user's chakra supply is increased by an immense amount. However, even though the Bijuu's chakra rests deep inside their vessel, the actual understanding and ability to use it is limited in this form.
Chakra supply is increased to x7 that of a normal shinobi.

Perfect Host: After reaching the rank of Jounin, the Jinchuuriki is capable of utilizing the Nanabi to disrupt his or her chakra flow in order to end the affects of Genjutsu, regardless of rank. The Jinchuuriki is also capable of faintly feeling the presence of other chakra signatures within a fifty meter radius; this allows the user to recognize when they are, or are not, alone. This does not allow them to “track” the signature, however. They’re simply aware that it’s there, and have a rough idea of where it’s coming from.

In addition to this, the Nanabi's presence bolsters the Jinchuuriki's immune system to all manners of poison (this does not include corrosive poisons). Furthermore, for a Mid increment of chakra the user is able to manifest four of the Nanabi's wings along their back (two on each side), which allows them to fly indefinitely. While in flight, the Jinchuuriki moves at x3 the speed of your average shinobi.

Form 1: This transformation centers around the Jinchuuriki surrounding themselves with a fiery orange coat of chakra. This occurs when the Jinchuuriki begins to tap into a direct supply of volatile chakra that the Bijuu provides its user; it is incredibly dangerous in the sense that this chakra is as alluring as it is addicting, which can lead to the Bijuu overwhelming the user. This form grants the user increased feats of speed, speed and reflexes on par with the 5th gate.
Without proper training, Form 1 lasts for a total of three turns and is the equivalent of using two High-cost jutsus. At the end of three turns, the Jinchuuriki has no choice but to progress into form two, as he or she loses control.

Perfect Host: After attaining the rank of Jounin, Form 1 lasts a total of three turns and is the equivalent of using two High-cost jutsus. As a Perfect Host, the user is capable of increasing the potency of their chakra cloak. However, at the end of three turns, the Jinchuuriki may choose to end the transformation, extend it an additional three turns, or progress into form two. Extending or transforming further equates to the usage of a Massive-cost jutsu, and after doing so, the Jinchuuriki can no longer utilize the Bijuu for the remainder of combat.

Form 2: Considered a full transformation, form two occurs when the Jinchuuriki takes on the the more animalistic characteristics of their Bijuu. This state increases the Jinchuuriki's size, as well as engulfing him or her in the thick, protective layer of the Nanabi's chakra which is capable of shielding the user from even the most powerful of physical attacks. This form boasts added strength, and often renders any logical judgement useless.

In this form, the Jinchuuriki gains access to the Tailed Beast Ball. The tailed beast ball is a condensed sphere of the Nanabi's raw energy. This can be formed at the cost of x3 High, yielding truly devastating results for any and all caught in its path.
Untrained shinobi are capable of sustaining this form for a total of two turns, and is comparable to using the 5th gate in respect to speed and strength. Upon entering form two, the Jinchuuriki cannot shut it off as his or her own chakra is overwhelmed by the seven-tails. As the chakra floods the user's body, additional tails will form; at seven tails, the Bijuu's chakra completely consumes the user and the Jinchuuriki is rendered unconscious.

Perfect Host: The Jinchuuriki enters a state of complete balance between their own chakra and the chakra of the Nanabi. The user can freely tap into the abilities and strengths offered by form two without the hostile penalties associated with prior use of the Nanabi's invasive chakra, but equates to using a Massive cost jutsu. In this state, the tailed beast ball can still be utilized.

As a Perfect Host, Form 2 lasts a total of two turns and as is still comparable to using the 6th gate in terms of strength and speed. After utilizing this form (assuming it was not entered after three turns of form one), the Jinchuuriki can revert back to Form 1 or his or her normal form. Furthermore, the Jinchuuriki may create extensions of the Nanabi's chakra freely for combat (for example, tails or limbs).

Seven-Tails Form The final and most powerful transformation that the Jinchuuriki may undergo. This occurs when the individual is able to tap into the full and natural form of the Nanabi by reaching an unparalleled state of symbiosis with the beast. Instead of tapping into the "chakra mode," the individual can opt to use a two turn duration to take on the full scale and appearance of the Nanabi's natural form. The Jinchuuriki gains substantial strength, well beyond most massive summons and other Bijuu. Its is even greater, and the ability of flight makes it even more dangerous. It also gains a much larger and far more destructive version of the Tailed beast Ball (x3 High cost). This form costs 2 x Massive to form.

It should be noted that the maximum amount of turns these forms can be used is six (if only perfect host form one is used) or 5 (if form two, form two perfect host, or Bijuu form is used).

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