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Triple Threat-Beta Challenge

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Triple Threat-Beta Challenge  Empty Triple Threat-Beta Challenge

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 19, 2017 5:31 pm

Hikari's foot gently laid flat footed on a branch, while the other was arc up as he sat hidden in a tree scanning the area for his targets. He took a mission that only a S rank could handle. The two targets was extremly dangerous , and would need a supreme ninja to match them. This why Hikari of the Uchiha clan choose to undergo the mission himself. He knew this was the best way to make sure the mission was a sucess. He was going to put achievement as his top priority. His crimson mangeykyo Sharingan slowly observed the lush trees, thick brushes, beautiful wild life. He carefully looked for any unusual aspects. He took a deep breath, taking only a moment to rest before he started back to where he was headed.

Hikari stood in large forest covered by trees miles down the road. The trees reached to the sky towering. Bushes was about the meduim size and appered to have berrries growing on them. Some you could see animals picking berries from. A few trees had birds flying from them. There was a few branches laying around. Some twigs was broken on the ground appering that some one had recently been there. Hikari studied it and made an estimate.

Triple Threat-Beta Challenge  Empty Re: Triple Threat-Beta Challenge

Post by Akashi on Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:38 am

Life is precious on many levels. Death, however; is only beautiful on a single level. Only one thing makes it beautiful. The moment it happens. Only the strongest of warriors deserve a beautiful death. This was the day, not one, not two, but three ninja received the opportunity of a beautiful death.

Akashi was spending a normal evening in the forest. It had been a while since he had absolutely nothing to do. He had no idea whatsoever about what could he spend his time, however; he always enjoyed a nice walk through the woods. A leaf dropped from a nearby tree as he stepped on the brown dirt. His dark eyes, looked at the sky through his blue hair to see a little but strong sunbeam passing through the top of the trees. It was majestic the way it landed on the ground illuminating the fallen leaf, giving it a feeling of sanity. Something so beautiful as that moment was nothing to be seen in our daily lives. The calm feeling it gave Akashi was unspoken of. That was the feeling a beautiful death generated. Even trees died, but while their death was usually slower, Akashi's death was each second close, and he was sure it was not going to be a slow death, but instead, a furious fight until only one stood alive.

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Triple Threat-Beta Challenge  Empty Re: Triple Threat-Beta Challenge

Post by Lan on Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:18 pm

His pale violet eyes, narrowed with distrust. Today was a day when 3 titanic powers clashed, and only one would be left standing. The Hyuuga with eyes of violet and chakra blockage powers, the Uchiha with eyes of scarlet, and the Yuki with power over ice and snow. Nobody knew who would win, but they did know that only one would emerge victorious. Lan Hyuuga, one of 3 ninja who was to fight today. His byakugan scanned the area, picking up on his two opponents nearby. 

He was ready to attack whenever, but for now, Lan waited and listened, crouched on a tree branch several meters above the ground. He was ready the moment the others dared to show up, and he studied each chakra signature he saw very closely. Should any of them move towards him, he would be ready to act.

Triple Threat-Beta Challenge  Empty Re: Triple Threat-Beta Challenge

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 22, 2017 3:17 pm

His keen eye was scanning the landscape, over seeing a man walking with in the distance about 10 meters. There was nothing else in his line of sight, expect for a tree that was be hide the man.  There was no time to think only time for action, after the seals was made Hikari made his intent. The sounds of bird chirping would be heard through out the area around him only.

Lighting covered his jet black glove that he wore almost every day. Giving his skill with the shaping of ninjutsu, Hikari's technique would not harm his clothing but instead just go around it.

The sounds of the birds chirps would grow louder now towards the man as a leaf would gracefully fall down from a branch shedding off it's leaving due to it being autumn. The times was changing. Hikari sent his chidori spear at the man just as the leaf fell

Triple Threat-Beta Challenge  Empty Re: Triple Threat-Beta Challenge

Post by Akashi on Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:49 pm

As Akashi stepped forward, the sound of bird chirps became louder and louder and quite a high speed, however, Akashi quickly reacted and stepped aside evading such technique. Once he evaded that first attack, he was able to take a look at the attacker. He was wearing black clothes and his surroundings still moved because of the energy such jutsu released.
Akashi landed his feet firmly on the ground and proceeded to move his hands to perform some hand seals. "You should probably present yourself before trying to kill someone." Once he finished, ice started to pierce the ground near Akashi. Spikes started to grow towards this target, covering at least 5 meters radius from Akashi with ice. "Certain-Kill Ice Spears." He could not see beyond the ice pillars he had just created, but he knew that was not nearly enough to kill or maybe even harm the man. "My name is Akashi, it is a pleasure to fight you." Said Akashi and proceded to jump to the top of an ice spear he had created just behind him. The ice he created destroyed quite a few amount of trees near him, leaving a radius of easy vision. He also used his height to try to locate this man he was fighting. "Mind introducing yourself now?" He said loudly hoping his words were heard by the enemy.

Triple Threat-Beta Challenge  Empty Re: Triple Threat-Beta Challenge

Post by Lan on Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:50 pm

Lan watched with violet eyes open wide, scanning constantly to make sure they were nowhere near him. They weren't, for now, so he moved in a bit closer in order to both watch better and quite possibly give himself the position to be able to take them both out. He continued to watch as he finally settled nearby, watching and waiting for them to attack each other so he could make his move. He did not dare move as he waited, choosing instead to watch, barely even breathing, motionless. [size=41]His violet eyes continued to scan the area, though his main attention was focused on the two shining currently facing off. After all, they were the biggest threat to himself. His byakugan noted other chakra signatures nearby, but those were simple, woodland creatures who were in the way of this battle. If anything attacked him, he would not hesitate to put whatever it was down.[/size]

Triple Threat-Beta Challenge  Empty Re: Triple Threat-Beta Challenge

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