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A monster of few worlds as most would explain it; the six tails also known as Saiken; had been known for his mild temper. Rather than have words with people Saiken is one to spend time hiding. Rather than have interaction with others; Saiken would rather sit back in the shadows. Although when she does manage to talk those words are usually kind.

Dormant State This is the symbiotic relationship between the Jinchuuriki and the Bijuu in its most simple form. In many cases, users may go on not even knowing what power they possess inside of themselves. Still, this user boasts and augmented chakra supply. While the Bijuu's chakra rests deep inside, the actual understanding and ability to use it is limited here. Has Access to the Boil release. The most prominent feature of being the Rokubi Jinchuuriki is their ability to produce and cover its body in a corrosive poison that can burn through just about anything provided enough time.

Enlightened Host & ↑ : Chakra supply is increased to x6 that of a normal shinobi.

Form 1 Enlightened Host & ↑ This transformation centers around the Jinchuuriki surrounding themselves with a fiery orange coat of chakra. This occurs when the Jinchuuriki begins to tap into a direct supply of volatile chakra that the Bijuu provides its user; it is incredibly dangerous in the sense that this chakra is as alluring as it is addicting, which can lead to the Bijuu overwhelming the user. This form grants the user increased feats of strength (x3 that of your average shinobi). Entering this state also gives the user access to powerful wind bombs, which the user can fire accurately up to thirty meters, and detonate upon contact in a five meters explosion.

Form 2 Enlightened Host & ↑ Considered a full transformation, form two occurs when the Jinchuuriki takes on the the more animalistic characteristics of their bijuu. This state increases the Jinchuuriki's size, as well as engulfing them in the Rokubi's volatile energy, adding a layer of very protective chakra around their body to shield them from some of the most capable of physical attacks. Boasting even more strength and speed than the previous incarnation, only the most capable of shinobi are able of sustaining this form. Those lacking the proper training.

Six-Tail Form Perfect host The final and most powerful transformation that the Jinchuuriki may undergo. This occurs when the individual is able to tap into the full and natural form of the Rokubi's by reaching an unparalleled state of symbiosis with the beast. Instead of tapping into the smaller version of the beast's figure, the individual can opt to use a two turn duration to take on the full scale and appearance of the Rokubi's natural form. The Jinchuuriki gains substantial speed, well beyond most summons (considering it's size). It also gains a much larger and far more destructive version of the Tailed beast Ball (x3 High cost). This form costs 2 x Massive to form.

It should be noted that the maximum amount of turns these forms can be used is six (if only perfect host form one is used) or 5 (if form two, form two perfect host, or Bijuu form is used).

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