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Uchiha lōn [Work In Progress]

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Uchiha lōn [Work In Progress] Empty Uchiha lōn [Work In Progress]

Post by Admin on Fri Apr 05, 2019 12:36 pm

General Information
Uchiha lōn [Work In Progress] Fotor115
Name: Uchiha lōn
Nickname/Alias: Howling Wolf
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Looks: Uchiha in heart, Uchiha in mind, and, once again, Uchiha in body. As lōn had first stripped himself of his identity, in order to hide, he now aimed to do the exact opposite. The young boy has grown quite a bit in two long, difficult years. He has maintained his lithe and thin appearance, but his body has almost filled out completely with powerful muscles. lōn supports a broad set of shoulders with a thin waist. Perhaps the new most striking features about his body are the new tattoos that run along his back and left arm and another tattoo that appears at the base of his neck. The first tattoo forms the appearance of a dragon, crossing and twisting over his abdomen and arm. That tattoo on the back of his neck is a circle which supports the kanji for "Fire" within its borders. lōn now rises to an even 5'7" at 150 pounds of pure muscle.

During this period of growth, lōn's face and features have certainly changed. His chin now forms a more well defined, slopping jawline and his face has become slightly less gaunt. lōn supports a somewhat thin nose and a dark set of eyes, that have changed from a light gray to a much darker, color-intensive gray. lōn has cut his hair as well, leaving him a long set of bangs that run to about his jaw. The remainder of his hair comes to about the base of his neck and lōn always, always puts it into a small, stubby ponytail with neutral colored band. lōn's ears peak out from behind his hair because of the new separation.

lōn has not changed his clothing from his Chuunin days. It is functional and familiar, and he has not desire to change that. His outfit primarily consists of a long, baggy pair of dark gray pants. For his upper body, lōn wears a lighter black shirt that he maintained from his Genin dress. By altering his father's clothing, lōn was able to construct a more fitting shirt. Atop the shirt lōn wears a modified sort of vest with flaps to the side. It is a dark gray color with maroon colored flaps. lōn also wears bandages on his forearms and his biceps. Around his waist, lōn carries his headband. Of course, the headband is usually covered with bandages or with his shirt. lōn does not wear shoes and, rather, has bandages around his feet.

Personality: ~Honor~
lōn has always had his own sense of honor. While it's not something he can openly explain to someone, he can say it simply as. "If I see something that I know is wrong. I will not hesiatate to put it to a stop." In general life he won't try and hold himself up above others like he is superior. Although he will when it comes to those who try and suppress others. He treats everyone he isn't familiar with, with curtisy and respect. He doesn't faulter in his descicions and stands by his word. Of course people tend to think less of him because of his leacherous ways. but despite that he still adholds to his ideals, even if it will make other believe less in him.

He has his own thoughts about how to deal with girls. While he was raised to treat them with respect an honor. His mind cold be said to have been corrupted when he was younger. Like another well known shinobi hhe can be described as a "pervert". He can even be found at times just stalking in some strange positions peeping in on women in the hotspring. he has even described himself a master of peeping, to a level beyond that of the late great Jiraiya. But despite having this disgusting way about him, lōn will never have a women hurt or put into danger around him. He will protect them even at the cost of hsi own body He has even been described as saying that he shall never let another woman cry because of him.

Everyone tends to have another mind they go into when facing battle. lōn doesn't. It's not that he is expecting battle at any moment, but rather because his mind has been warped into always creating a combat situation in his mind. So he neer has to think as to what he should do, as he has probably already seen the scenario run through his mind. lōn has a tendency to be calm in a fight, though there is one man to whom he tends to lose his cool against. He never underestimates his opponent, nor does he overestimate himself. He isn't afraid to turn tail and run when the situation calls for it. He also never over uses his abilities. He'll even use some of the most basic ninja techniques and equipment, instead of opting for a more flashier big technique. This is a by product of his Doujutsu, being that it is always expecting the unexpected in a battle. As such lōn never wants to waste chakra to do something that has absolutly no purpose. For example, If he is facing down a large group of ninja, he will opt for the most simpliest of things. He will cover himself and blind thier view with a plain smokebomb, then toss a series of Explosive tagged Kunai to the ground by them. Yes while there is a chance that not all of them will be effected by the blasts, it is less chakra consuming, then say launching a gigantic fireball at them. lōn even tends to laugh at those that do waste thier chakra to try and overpower others with massive jutsus
Likes & Dislikes: likes women dislikes failure
Catch Phrase:

Clan Information

Clan Name: Uchiha
Kekkei Genkai: (What is your clan's set of abilities?)

Rank/ Village Information:
Uchiha lōn [Work In Progress] 0910
Country: Land of the Moon
Village Rank: Jounin
Skill Rank: B

Combat Information
Uchiha lōn [Work In Progress] 7710
Skill Information
Skill Specialty:
Ninjutsu: 0/10
Taijutsu: 0/10
Genjutsu: 0/10
Speed: 0/10
Strength: 0/10
Stamina: 0/10
Intelligence: 0/10
Knowledge: 0/10
Hand Seals: 0/10
FuuinJutsu: 0/10
Bukijutsu: 0/10
Overall: 0/0

Other skills please place the skills stats that you are using on your character apps.

Kages Start with four elements, Anbu with 3, Jounin 2, and chuunin and lower 1
Elemental Affinity:

Ninjutsu: 0/10
Taijutsu: 0/10
Genjutsu: 0/10
Speed: 0/10
Strength: 0/10
Stamina: 0/10
Intelligence: 0/10
Knowledge: 0/10
Hand Seals: 0/10
FuuinJutsu: 0/10
Bukijutsu: 0/10
Overall: 0/0

Abilities :
Uchiha lōn [Work In Progress] Fotor116
Kages start with a A-rank ability.
Anbu starts with a B Rank ability
Jounin Start with a C rank ability
Chunin start with a D Rank ability

Jutsu :

Kages start with 10 jutsu and Anbu and lower starts with five.

Uchiha lōn [Work In Progress] Jujj10
Name: (Name of jutsu)
Rank: (E,D,C,B,A,S)
Range:(How far)
Size:(How big is your jutsu, or if it's like a clone how many clones?)
Handseals:(Justsu that don't require handseals must be approved by a Admin)
Type: (Ninjutsu, Weaponry, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu)
Description: (About a paragraph describing your jutsu)

Background Information
Uchiha lōn [Work In Progress] 71110
History: (Your character's background story and life.)
Face Claim: Madara - Naruto Shippuden

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