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Post by Admin on Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:44 pm

Through training, battles, and relationship a shinobi would gain experince. A Ninja would be formed by the things he would experince. Experince would also have a Shinobi Promoted. Making new friends was an experince. That's is it is our core system in character development. This system governs the capabilites such as "Factors" and "Amounts " key elements to the greatness of our system. Your character is steadly evolvling with each post that you use your skills to future you knowldge, to test you body to the limits on missions. The system is in place to modreate battles and for the fairness to each characters max poteinal. This allows to role players to learn and old roleplayers to chance of a fair role  playing feild. When a Battle Mod is called they will be trained to add in the factrs and amount of technquies that was used and be asked to look on in the realtsic frame of time. This system is never ending having no max limit.

Section I. Attrubitubes


This the meausrement of how long you been runing, and how fast your body can steady move. It is important everone understands that you must take a moment and think about speed because the percentages is how fast you can move. Meaning while in battle the % you are at is your level. With that being said speeed vs speed is determine by the % differnce. 1% is not really that much.

Tier I.
0-5% means you are so slow. That all the other ninjas will pick on you and call you "Turtle".
6%-9% You have gradutaed from the turle race howver you are still slow.
10%-19% You are not dirt but not fast neither.
20%-30& You are the Average shinobi on this site.
31%-40% You after faster the avearge bear here.
41%-49% Your speed stands out.
50%-60% You are Supioer to the average shinobi.
61% to 80% You are an elite in the terms of speed.
81%-90% To the untrained eye you would seem like blur moving.
91%-100% Are masters of speed, to the untrained eye it seems you teleport when you move.

Tier II.
101%-110% Now one can see you even move with out being on your level.


Agility deterimnes the ability to dodge. In some cases speed will also be looked at to prove a better chance of dodging. A high agility allows you to dodge as long it well detailed and worded. Lack of impormation would  can crititacl you chances of dodging. Meaning just because your agility skill is high you can't dodge everything.

0%-10% you are taking hits
5%-10% you still have a very low chance of dodging, the odds are you take the hit.

Agility vs Speed depends on the differance of speed, jutsu and skills in play at the time vs agility and in some cases speed.Keep in mind the context of the post is the main factor to determine the hit or miss. As long as it is well detailed and everything makes sense you would still be dodging.


This basically hand eye coordnation and rarley takes effect on speed and running. This is to help regulate the arrcurccy of weapon based attacks. Though Taijutsu,kenjutsu and Ninjutsu can also be effected by this attrubite. It will help Bukiusers stand out and imrpoved hit ratios. It allows help those with puppery

Tier I.
0%-5% Bricks, you are missing when you throw a kuani nearly every time.
6%-20% You are not too steady, and still likely to miss the throw.
21%-30% You can hit a traget now.
31%-40%You can hit you mark nearly ever chance.
41%-50% Your aim is getting pretty real but don't get cocky.
51%-60% Your aim is supeior to others.
61%-70% You have gotten so skilled you can his moving targets
]71%-80% It's not likely you can miss even while hitting moving targets.
81%-90% You are shooting wet everytime you aim to the basket.
91%-100%Buckets nearly every time.


Endurance is toughness, this regulates how they will take damage.. By honing the body to take one attacks one can become a human tank. This system helps regulate  How some would be ffacted taking a hit.

Tier I.
0%-10% You are getting knocked the off fuck out by just about every punch.
11%-20% Get up champ , maybe the next one won't drop you.
21%-30% You are just starten to toughen up.
31%-40% You done grown a pair and can now take some hits.
41%-50%  You can last a few rounds in the rings.
51%-60% Guess you can now make a name no longer being a rookie to take hits.
61%-70% You are one tough  cookie. It will take quiet a bit to drop you. They can say you are supuier in the terms of edurance.
71%-80%You are hard to kill.
81%-90% It it will take a whole lot to gag you.
91%-100% It take all some one has to drop you.


Strenght is the amount of can do with his/her body. Strenght is improved by lifting weights, and running.  Strenght takes on Endrunace in case of taijutsu to be a factor in the main damage.

Tier I.
0%-10% You are like a child your hits hardly hurts
11%-20% Okay you can hurt another child but it dosen't make you a bully
21%-30% Alright now, anyone would feel that tap. Keep trying.
31%-40% You are handing out shinners now.
41%-50% Is now breaking jaws.
50%-60% Your hits can effect organs now.
61%-70% You can faracture a bone now.
71%-80% You are breaking bones now
80%-100% You are killing a man in one blow

Sub Section a Other Attrubites

Hand Seal Speed is based off the total of speed and cooridation then divide that by 2.

Example  being 30% in speed and 30% in coordation. Total is 60% in hand seal speed. This lets you now by turning the percentage to the deimal point. The after move the deimal back two places and you will known how many hand seals you can make per second. Why do we mange hand seal speed this, the answer is because both attrubites would serve as factors to make the Art of Nishu. This method is also is used to dertime  the speed of throwing projectiles, throwing a punch or kick, and even sword swings. This would also serve how fast some one could write a kanji on seals.

Slashing is alo detemine with this method being use to determine slashing speed. After you have determine slashing speed you can add it together with stregnht to get slashing power. Slashing power is to be add with the skill being used to determine the total damage.

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