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Post by Admin on Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:24 am

Humans: Humans are extremely Weak in the beginning due to the Fact they being with 0 Powerlevel. Humans have better training then Saiyans in every way and gain Power-level Faster then Saiyans. Humans have many Transformations which are good. They have the ability to Unlock there Potential by Traveling the Namek then getting there Potential Unlocked by a Namekian. A human can gain the ability of unleashed potential from a Kai by traveling to one of their planets.
Potential Unlocked Increases all stats by 40 points permanently-100z
Unleashed Potential increase all stats by 80 points permanently-200z
Humans start with 50 stat points to spend and 50 points in their ki pool.

Saiyan: The Saiyans are a Race based on Brute Strength of course some are known to be specialized in Ki. The Saiyans have Classes Consisting of Low Class,Normal Class,and Elite Class .The Saiyans have a Legend among them of people achieving the Power Super Saiyan. Of Course this is no Legend Some have Achieved it. 
SSJ-transforming at this level gives you 150 points to spend on transformations-150z
SSJ2-Increases all stats by 60 points, cost 30 points a post to sustain-300z
SSJ3-Increases all points by 80 points, cost 40 points a post to sustain.600Z
SSJ4-increase all points by 100 points and cost 50 points a post to sustain SSJ4-800z
SS God-increase all points by 100 points and cost 50 points a post to sustain SSJ4-800z
SS Blue -increase all stats by 120 points and cost 60 points to sustain-1,000Z
Saiyans start with 75 stat points to spend and 50 points in their ki pool.
Saiyans can increase the boost of their forms by training their SS form. For every 100 word your boost increase by 1 stat point and sustain cost is cut by 1 ki point.

Half Saiyan: This Race is Similar to Saiyan they have two types of blood one Saiyan and the other Human of course there are two types of Saiyans. Of Course Halfies can go into Higher Forms of Super Saiyan but they can not go past Super Saiyan 2.

SSJ-increase all stats by 30 points. SSJ is unlocked by a sayain going into a state of rage , 15 points cost to sustain.
SSJ2-Increases all stats by 60 points. 2,500 word count after SSJ is unlocked , 30 points to sustain.
Unleashed Potential increase all stats by 80 points permanently.
Half Sayain start with 50 stats points to spend and 50 points in their ki pool.

Android: Androids have a form called Super Android which can only be obtained by finding the parts of broken androids and merging with them. Androids can't Raise there Ki Normally like Other races they have to absorb the Ki used from other races and 0 points in their ki pool.  
Super Android is gain by absorbing another android and gain their stats permanently
Androids start with 75 stat points to spend. Androids can drain the amount of ki based on their Ki control stat level.

Changling: All Changlings appearances are Different and they have a different amount of Forms. There Forms are all Different but look Similar.
Changling starts off in their first form.
Form 2-Increases all stats by 20 points permanently  1,500 word count training
Form 3-Increases all points by 40 points permanently  2,000 word count training
True Form-increase all points by 60 points permanently 2,500 word count training
Super form: Increases all stat points by 3,000 points
Ultimate form: increase all stats by 100 points permanently  3,500 word count training
Changling: start with 75 points to spend and 75 points in their ki pool.

Namekian: Namekians have the ability to sync with there own kind to Become a stronger namekian. Namekians also have the power to revive the Dragonballs under certain consequences. Namekians can strech there arms due to the fact they have special skin no other race has. Namekian later can fuse with another Namekian if necessary to become a Super Namekian.
: Super Namekian increases all stats by 40 points (NPC) permanently 
Super Namekian increases all stats by adding but fused people stats (RC) permanently
Namekians start with 50 points to spend and 50 points in their ki pool.

Hera:All the members of this race sport teal-colored skin and orange hair.Some of them have the ability to transform, like the Saiyans with their Super Saiyan transformation.Members of the Race of Hera have the ability to take on a form that greatly increases their power. The form is taken when the Race of Hera user concentrates their ki. In this form, the user's hair goes red, their skin goes lime-green, and their muscles increase dramatically.
Full Power: Increase the Hera's stats by 50 points and cost 25 points to sustain. This form is unlocked by a 1,000 word count training. Like the Saiyan race the form power can be increase and sustain cost can be cut by 100 words per point training.
Hera start with 75 stat points and 75 points in their ki pool.

Majin: Majin's are a Race Created by Wizards that are now extinct.  Majin"s can only be killed by a EXTREMELY Powerful Ki Attack if not they will Regenerate no matter what. They also can absorb other races and Fuse with that races form.
depend on who the Majin absorbs and their stat gain is based on the person they absorbs.
Majins start with 100 stat points to spend and 100 points in ki pool.

Konatsians are shown to look similar to humans, but with large pointed ears and unique hair styles. Extraordinary members of the race, such as Tapion, are able to utilize ki and other energies. It can also be shown that a select few are excellent swordsmen and are able to use magic and advanced technology.

Angel: Angels appear as humanoid creatures with blue skin, white hair, aqua eyes, and various heights.They have an assortment of mystical abilities like Warping, Magic Materialization, and Divination.Angels have incredibly impressive intelligence, and have a considerable amount of knowledge regarding the world of deities, godly ki, and the intense training needed to ascend to their level. Angels keep the Gods of Destruction they serve in check and possibly to prevent them from abusing their power or upsetting the balance between creation and destruction.
Angels start with 150 stat points and 150 points in their Ki pool

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