Character Tier/Power Levels

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Character Tier/Power Levels

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:57 pm

The power level , referred to as Battle Point/Battle Power. Power Level is a reading of how strong a person is by scouters, devices,and androids.  Each character Tier is based off the amount of power level. To calculate your total power level you must add up all your stats and ki pool and the total is your power level, based on that number will determine what tier level your character is in.

Tier 1-0-300 Power Level
Tier 2-301-500 Power Level
Tier 3-501-700 Power level
Tier 4-701-900 Power Level
Tier 5- 901-1100 Power Level
Tier 6-1101-1300 Power Level

Power level also determine the viliaty of a fighter and how long they last in a fight. Suffering hits will cause your power level to temporarily deplete in a topic. When your power level is reduce to 0 your fighter is render unconscious if it reaches into negatives you die. Using ki also depletes your power level. Depending of the amount of ki being used is the same number you power level depletes.

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