Exclusive Cannon Techniques

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Exclusive Cannon Techniques

Post by Admin on Thu Feb 16, 2017 12:12 am

How to obtain an Exclusive Technique?

1.Start a School.
4.Learn it from a Teacher.
2.Buy a palace.
3.Earn it in a event.  

Rules Regarding Exclusive Techniquies.
1.One Exclusive per person
2. You must have an approved character to make a claim
3.If you claim an element you can not claim and Exclusive.

Spirit Bomb
Instant Transmission
Evil Containment Wave
Dragon Fist
Fusion Dance
Instantaneous Movement
Bunkai Teleport
Time Freeze
Vanishing Beam
Galactic Donuts
Special Beam Cannon
Big Bang Attack
Final Flash
Star Dust
Heat Dome Attack
Teleporting Vanishing Ball
Body Change
Burning Attack
Death Ball
Death Beam
Kuukanteni Punch
Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
Tri Beam Cannon

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