Title system

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Title system

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Titles are another way for you to get stronger besides just ranking up. A title is just what they sound like they are. They are normally achievements that you have completed by fulfilling the requirements and granted you a title that is recognized through out the role play. There are various titles and various requirements you have to meet to gain the title(s) but there are also benefits that come along with them like. Titles are split up into  three categories.

Attendants are beings who serve various deities. They have a variety of duties ranging from assisting their deity, teaching them, or keeping them in check.

God of Destruction attendants

All of the Gods of Destruction are shown with an attendant following them. These attendants serve as martial art teachers to their Gods of Destruction, and are physically stronger than the Gods. They are tasked with keeping the Gods of Destruction in check, and will intervene when the God goes too far. They also perform trivial duties for the Gods of Destruction such as preparing meals for them.

God of Destruction

The Gods of Destruction (破壊神 Hakaishin, literal meaning "Destruction God") are beings who destroy planets, as opposed to the Kais, the Gods of Creation, who create and fill planets with life, in order to maintain the balance of the universe.
Tier 1:can destroy objects, or a limb
Tier 2:can destory limbs
Tier 3:can destroy a person with a touch of your hand
Tier 4:can destroy a half planet
Tier 5:can destroy a whole place planet.
Tier 6:can destroy with a word.

Only Tier 2 Destroy trait can be used in normal IC topics. Tier 3 and higher can only be used in arcs one a week and events once a month.

Attendant Supreme Kais

There also exist a lesser type of Supreme Kai who exist primarily as attendants for the higher ranking Supreme Kai. The attendants do however wear exclusive green Potara Earrings that only Supreme Kais can wear, denoting them as being Supreme Kai themselves, just of a lesser ranking

Supreme Kai 
They are the Gods of Creation who provide the catalyst for life and planets to be born, as opposed to the Gods of Destruction who destroy life and planets, which maintains the balance of the universe. As gods of creation, Supreme Kais are able to manifest various forms of matter to suit their needs. They can even summon objects within a close enough proximity.


Tier 1:can create objects and being tier(s) 1 level.
Tier 2:can create objects and being tier(s) 2 level.
Tier 3:can create objects and begins(s) tier 3 level.
Tier 4:can create objects and being(s) tier 4 level.
Tier 5:can create objects and being(s) tier 5 level.
Tier 6:can create objects and being(s) tier 6 level.

(A Kai can bring someone back from the dead with a 30% chance of it taking their life)

The Makaio  is the person  who rule the Demon Realm. Rarely, Shinjin with evil hearts are born: their evil hearts and intentions cause them to be forcefully cast into the Demon Realm, which is located at the very tip of the universe and ruled by Makaioshin. They are thus kept separate from civilization, and live with Makaio and Makaioshin.
Giant Demon God is an advanced state of being that can be taken on by Demons who have become a Demon God.In this form, the user's power and physical strength increase greatly.

Makyouka Form (魔強化形態) is an advanced state of being that can be taken on by Demons who have become a Demon God.In this state the user takes on a combination of their normal and monstrous Demon God forms form.

Guardian is the title given to the individual protectors of planets.Despite their names, the Guardians' role is closer to that of an overseer, and they are not necessarily stronger than all those whom they oversee.They have many of the powers associated with gods, including the ability to see and sense events around the world, to travel to and guide souls to Other World, and to be a general protector of the people. They also are long-lived, though not immortal.Guardians possess godly ki allowing them to sense the godly ki of other deities. Upon becoming a Guardian, one attains godly ki.

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