Jewel System

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Jewel System

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:28 pm

Our roleplay currency at this time is jewels. Jewels are used to buy jutsu,spells,magic,rank up, and pretty much everything needed. Jewels are earned through missions,jobs,and stealing from other players. You must be a apart of some type of group to get work in this role play other wise you are stealing ryo from other players or collecting bountys.

Jobs is a term Mages use for their services. Anbu use the term mission, although most of their missions are more fatal than mages. Clan leaders also use the term mission. This are basic jobs in which some one pays the group for their serivces in return for jewels. Each quest is ranked by letter ranking based on how hard it is. Each group member must get premission or assgined from their group leader. After completing the mission the leader takes all the money earned from the mission and pay the member a % of the jewels earned while the rest is placed in the group funds.

D Rank Missions
Pay 5,000-10,000 Jewels
D rank mission are most common and the simplest work. These basic mission are gave to kids.

C Rank Missions
Pays 11,000-20,000 Jewels
C rank missions are the second easiest quest to take. 

B-Rank Missions
Pays 21,000-2,5000
This missions are  normal Quest.

A-Rank Missions
Pays 2,6000-30,000
This Quest are taken by the Elite.

S-Rank Missions
pays 31,000-35,000
Only those who have the skills have a chance from making it back from this mission. You must have an S ranked or S class with you to take one of these missions.

The group leaders decides the amount to pay it's members and how to place into the funds. Giving the leader power and respobility of leading a group. The leader can use the funds for anymember to make any purchase using the group funds. The funds is also used to buy weaponry for the enitre group.

Bounty is a imortant thing in our soceity, it main times order to chaos. When someone becomes a missing nin or dark guild they will be placed on a bounty list. The amount of the bounty is determine by the crimes commited and skill level of the person. The more dangerous the higher the bounty.  Alive,Dead, or either makes bounty collecting a great choice of making jewels.

Mercenary work is when another person pays you to kill another character. This done by person to person, so the person who is paying for the hit most pay from their own jewels. The jewel system dose not pay for this type of work. The amount is up to the two parties.

Bond is a term when you have to pay to get out of our role play prision. The Namaka Police force is paided to arrest and send crimimals behide bars. If you are sent to prision you will only be allowed to role play their until you earn enough jewels to pay for your bond .

The Namaka Police Force are the defenders of  the enitre world. The have the right to arrest anyone who breaks any of the gobal laws. They have the right to maintain order by any means nessacry even if it means killing. Assult on a NPF personal is a crime.The Captain serves are the leader and spokesman of the force at this time. 

Bond Placed based on rank
D-5,000 Jewels
C-10,000 Jewels
B-20,000 Jewels
A-40,000 Jewels
S-80,000 Jewels.

NPF based on postion

Captain:2,000 per arrest, 1,000 per job, 500 weekly jewel pay
Officer:1,000 per arrest, 500 per job, 250 weekly jewel pay
Rookie:500 per arrest, 250 per job, 100 weekly jewel pay

Captain is required to hire and approve anyone apply for the Namaka Police Force.

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