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Ninja Races
Unlike in One Piece RPG, Naruto doesn’t have much in the ways of races, its more a division of
Class and what family you are born into. There are also races that are more distorted such as the
Possessed, Bestial and Monstrous. The races are divided as Follows, Normal, Bloodline, Clan,
Possessed, Bestial, and Monstrous. The last 3 choices have adjustments and can be restricted
by the GM upon creation.


The basic character, with nothing special about their
powers or abilities. A Normal is your average character
and the greatest amount of the worlds Population.
Racial Traits:
• Stat Point Bonus- +2 Stat Points at creation, +.5 Stat
Point Per gained
• Build Point Bonus (All classes other then Ninja) – at
Creation the character gains an Free ability from our shop area.
Racial Defects:
Unlike other races Normal has no set racial Defect
Example Character in Naruto, Sakura


Those with bloodline abilities prevent
themselves from gaining possessed souls. They
gain unique abilities that are unable to be gain
by the Normal class of ninja.
The abilities come from there families and
ancestors. Characters with Bloodline gain one
really, powerful ability at the start of the game
and can keep buying into it to release new
moves the best example of this is the Sharingan.
Where one is able to read the moves of they’re opponent and eventually use them against them.
(note: the Sharingan is limited try a different ability)
The only real in game difference is what would take time in game of several weeks of game play ones
with bloodline abilities have the chance to gain new moves quicker. Where as a normal ninja takes
average time to adjust to a new technique.
Example Character in Naruto with Bloodline, Sasuke
Racial Traits: •Family Chi Pool: A Blood Line character has Inherited a small portion of their families chakra through the ages granting the character. Chakra pool is 25% more of that of a Normal Shinobi.
•Fast Learner: The Bloodline character gains the “Fast Learner” feat for free. Fast Learner, let’s the
character study new techniques at a sudden rate of hours or days where normally it takes a player days
or weeks have in game time to learn techniques. This allows them to learn clan jutsu at a 25% reduction cost.
•Bloodline / Clan Ability.
Racial Defects:
•Heritage – causes the future of your family to rest on your hands making what you do in game play as
a good or bad mark for your whole family.


Clan ninja much like Bloodline gain their powers thru the
family however their powers are identified much easier and
have better control over their abilities.
Example Character in Naruto with Clan, Choji
Racial Traits:
•Clan Ability – The clan has a free choice in a ability befitting of
their clan from our shop.
•Clan Connections – A strong connection allows access to
information that is kept a secret only to members of the clan. Ryo gain inrcease by 25% when role playing with a clan memember.
•Clan Rank - Each Clan has ranks which depending on that
rank may grant the player access to rare techniques and
special clan only items
Racial Defects: Heritage, Marked
•Heritage – causes the future of your family to rest on your
hands making what you do in game
play as a good or bad mark for your whole family
•Marked – Your abilities when identified link your heritage to you


Bestial is a form of Intelligent Beasts, Animal
or monster that Counts as a Character on
their own. These Creatures have harder
time with using weapons but make up with in
Stat Bonuses and Unqiue abilities.
Example Character in Naruto with
Bestial: Akamaru
Racial Traits:
• Stat Bonus – Bestial’s gain a stat bonus
based on the Animal type they are.
• Beast Ability – Bestial’s gain unique
abilities based on their type
• Natural Empowerment – Using powers or
Techniques with a link to their Natural Alignment dose 5% more damage.
• Natural Resistance – Bestial characters are so use to their Natural Alignment they have a 5%
Resistance to their Primary.


Example Character in Naruto with
Monsterous: Kisame
Monsterous characters have a basic human look and
shape but possess a very odd look and unique abilities
and due to their form they tend to have a greater stats
then a normal character would. But they make up with
it for being alienated as something not human.
Racial Traits:
• Monsterous Ability – Monsterous characters gain 2
unique abilities
• Monsterous Stat Boost – Starts out with plus 5 stats
Racial Defects:
• Marked – Character has a very unusual look to their
• Feared – People fear you and it shows, Character
starts out with a Infamy Reputation

Monsterous Abilities
Water Breathing – doesn’t need air when under water
Elongated Limbs – Limbs stretch granting reach
Extra Limbs – extra attacks can be made
Body Spines – Does damage when defending from a Melee Attack  Piercing
Claws – Natural Weapons Slashing
Fangs - Natural Weapon Piercing
Shark’s Jaw – Natural Weapon piercing
Skin Flap (as in flying Squirrels) – Glide 30’ Fair
Wings – Flight 30’ Fair
Horns – Natural Weapon Bashing
Scales – Defensive bonus
Shell - Defensive bonus
Slime - +20% Vs Grapple Checks
Bark Skin – Weak toFire
Stone Skin- Weak to waterWater
Bug Eyes - Notice
Bat Ears – Blind Sight
Tiger Eyes – Dark Vision
Tentacle – Improve Grapple and Improve Trip
Tail – Improved Trip
Monkey Feet – Can hold extra weapon in Feet
Fin – Swim Speed of 60’
Lion Roar – Causes Fear

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