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Abilities Empty Abilities

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:37 pm

Abilities are trained skills that help the players work well at certain tasks, Unlike class or
racial abilities these are unique talents the player ether trains into learning or is born with
upon creation. The abilities are purchased through the use of the characters build points
or be learned through a in game training session of the character, the GM can determine
to reward these abilities after the play completes tasks or training instead of or with
experience depending in the difficulty of the task and grant them a unique effect in the
game. All Abilities are a one time purchase or gain unless otherwise stated.

Types of Abilites
Some feats are general, meaning that no special rules govern them as a group. Others are item
creation feats, which allow characters to empower items of all sorts. A meta feat lets a technique/
power users cast powers or techniques with greater effect.

Attack Based Abilites
These feats boost a characters skill in weapons, defense and skill in attacking in many unique
ways. Many classes offer the choices in of skills listed here towards bonus feat choices for the

Other Abilites
Abilites in this category collects feats that hold a varity of abilities that are unquie to the feat, also
included are meta feats that let the player use techniques and powers in a new and more
powerful way at a greater cost of chakra or other chakra.

Skill Based Abilites
An item creation feat lets a character create a magic item of a certain type. Regardless of the
type of item each involves, the various item creation feats all have certain features in common.
Including Item Empowering abilites, which allow the player to use techniques and link them with
items, armor or, weapons.

Adapt Climber- 500 Ryo
An adapt climber is someone who has greater skill or even just built physically to climb,
granting them a bonus to movement when climbing of +10ft (normal climbing movement
is half the players standard)

Adapt Runner-750 Ryo
An adapt runner is someone who has great skill in keeping up a run for a longer time.

Adapt Swimmer-500 Ryo
An adapt swimmer is someone who has great skill in swimming and can gain an
additional movement of +30 ft in swimming on top of the standard basic swim movement.

Adapt Diver-500 Ryo
An Adapt Diver is someone skilled in diving to greater depths then a normal person, they
can hold their breath for x2 as long as a normal player.

Vertical Leap-750 Ryo
A Skilled jumper that can Jump at a greater distance up by +10ft, normal distance of a
jump up is 5ft +Str in ft.

Long Jumper-750 Ryo
A skilled jumper in distance of length, the player can gain a greater distance on their
leaps by +10ft, Normal distance of length jump is 10ft + ½ speed.

Grace-750 Ryo
A skill person of balance and strength in stability of their movements granting them a +2

Reflex Bonus
Strong Will-1,000 Ryo
A person with a strong sense of self preservation letting them shrug off will based attacks
granting the player a +20% Experince Bonus

Enchanting Personality-1,000 Ryo
The player has a strong charming personality that they find it easy to convince people to
help them in things, 1/per day.

Feat of Strength-1,250 Ryo
The player has a way to tap into a greater amount of strength to perform a single act with
it, 1/per day, Strength Boost, for the next round Strength is 25% stronger.

Animal Kinship-1,000 Ryo
The player is adapt to claming and having a good relationship with a animal. They can
halt a hostile animal to halt its action, 1/per day,and the calm animal.

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Abilities Empty Re: Abilities

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:58 pm

Skilled Focus-1,500 Ryo
The player is adapt at detecting an active Genjutsu, With this ability the player has a
bonus to avoiding being caught or getting out of a Genjutsu.

Great Knowledge-1,000 ryo (each)
The player has a strong knowledge of something (not one of the Knowledge skills) to the
point of being able to recall many things about the thing they hold great knowledge,
granting them bonuses to them or allies when the knowledge comes into play. +50% to
skills being used involving the subject of knowledge. While this ability can be bought
again it goes to a new subject of which the player has intimate knowledge of.

Art of Distraction-750 Ryo
The player is keen on creating a distraction, So much so that they can fool targets to
become distracted while fighting them. 1/ per day, Distraction become prone.

Battle Mind-2,000 Ryo
A skilled strategist that can sneak in a second action in that round, this attack occurs at
the end of the round. 1/ per day, the player can take a second standard action at the end of
that round, Normally a player only gets one. [Special: Gaining extra uses of this skill
does not allow this ability to be used more then once per round]

Danger Sense-1,500 Ryo
The player has a sixth sense about pending danger, A player with this ability has the
ability to make a Notice check before a threat of setting off a trap or a impending attack
occurs, A player with out this skill has to declare actively being on the look out for such
events in order to take notice.

Divination-2,000 Ryo
The player has an inherent skill to seek out an object they are looking for. The player
needs to have a strong idea on what they are seeking. 1 / per day, Object location, the
player is able to detect a generalized location at a great distance within a mile, or in closer
range within 20ft.

Focus Damage-2,500 Ryo
Trained in making their attacks hurt, the player that takes this ability is able to add
additional 25% damage on their target, 1/ per day.

Shape Damage-2,000 Ryo
The player is adapt at controlling the damage of area based attacks and can make sure
that they have less chance of harming allies or innocents with those attacks. 1/per day the
player can choose to have the area damage change its shape by a single 5ft square. This
ability can be bought again for an additional 5ft square.

Abilities Empty Re: Abilities

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:22 pm

Shovel Ready-500 Ryo
With this ability the player gains a ¼ movement through dirt, allowing them to dig
tunnels and burrow secretly. Without this ability a player digging a tunnel takes game
hours if not days.

Defensive Weapon
The Player is attune to using a item in hand for defensive purposes as well as offensive, A
player can activate this ability granting them a +25% weapon damage/defense,this ability is 1/per day.

Psychic Premonitions-3,000 Ryo
A player with this ability is able to read actions and events in the near future. 1 / per day a
player can gain a vision of upcoming events as the GM sees fit to describe. This allows
the player to prepare and be on a look out for the events. This power is not controlled by
the player but the GM as to when, where and what the vision entails.

Psychic Reading-2,000 Ryo
A player with this ability is able to pick up on information from the past by touching a
trigger object. 1/per day a player can use this ability to see into past events and get a
glimpse of what happened in them. This ability while controlled in its time of use by the
player, has the activation and what the player sees and finds out strictly in the hands of
the GM.

Tough Skin-2,500 Ryo
A player with this ability is able to shrug off physical damage easier then normal, This
ability grants them a DR 1/elemental and Chakara. Meaning the only damage that gets
through this Damage Reduction is Elemental damage like fire, electricity, so on and raw
chakra damage.

Abilities Empty Re: Abilities

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:31 pm

Protective-2,000 Ryo
A player with this ability is able to grant their allies a bonus of +1 stat to all stats while standing
next to them. They take actions to help their allies by blocking blows that adding to their

Strong Leadership-2,000 Ryo
A player with this ability is able to grant a leadership bonus to their allies. This boosts the
teams attack rate and allowing team mates to do a extra 25% of damage as long as the user is in view of their allies (60 ft)

Nature Connection-2,500 Ryo
A player with this ability has a stronger connection with one of their Natural Alignments.
Granting them a greater skill when using techniques from this alignment, causing the
technique to cost ½ the chakra it would take to use.

Abilities Empty Re: Abilities

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:40 pm

Nature Defense-2,500 Ryo
A player with this skill has a strong resistance to a set element type, This plays out as a
resistance of 25% towards the damage caused by elemental attacks. The player gains this
resistance in one of their natural alignments.

Bear Hug 2,500 Ryo
A player with this ability is able to damage a person when in a grapple, The player can
choose to take this action weather they dominate the grapple or not. Without this ability the player must dominate a grapple to perform an attack

Daze Attack 3,000 Ryo
A player with this ability is able 1/per day hypnotizes a target into being effected in a
daze making them prone to all other attacks. Range is 30 ft range touch.

Read Movements-2,500 Ryo
A player with this ability is able to see the movements and estimate the path the enemy is
taking to hit at them.ee
A player with this ability can see, opening 1/per day (before calling the results of the attack).

Hidden Weapon-2,000 Ryo
The player with this ability can store a weapon form prying eyes, When a player is
searched or asked to disarm they can hide a weapon from the views of enemies.They take notice to find the hidden weapon.

Accuracy-2,000 Ryo
Players with this ability are greater focused on their ranged attacks, they are able to add 25%
more in damage with ranged attacks.

Chakra Push, 500 Ryo
A player with the chakara Push ability is able to launch a force push of chakra at a target, pushing
them back 5ft ft
Chakra Pump-500 Ryo
A player with this ability is able to sacrifice their own chakar into a selected target. Granting them more chakara to perform techniques.

Abilities Empty Re: Abilities

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:50 pm

Chakra Break-1,000 Ryo
A player with this ability is able decrease another targets chakara by how much the player puts
into this attack. This also means if a target is building chakra for a big attack and this is used, if the target building the attack doesn’t have enough chakra to pull of the attack after chakra break then the attack fails.

Second Look-1,500 Ryo
A player with this ability is granted a natural sense to detect secret entrances, doors, hideaways, and even some invisible objects. They don’t physically see it but they can sense the round about area something is hidden.

Ghost Touch-2,000 Ryo
Players with this ability are able to attack incorporeal creatures (Vice Versa) doing normal damage. Normally attacking incorporeal creature just results in them losing a action to reform but does no damage. (Or not being able to harm if the player is incorporeal)

Drunken Dodge-2,500 Ryo
Players with this ability can boost their speed by 20% for every drink they take in drinking Alcohol. This
remains in effect until the alcohol effects wear off
(normal time is 1 hour )

Mental Connection-2,500 Ryo
A player with this ability is able to focus stronger in
a technique and hold it, This ability grants them
their higher concentration.

Skill Shot-2,500 Ryo
The player with this ability 1/ per day can hit two
targets with one shot of a ranged weapon (Arrows,
bolts, dart, needles, shuriken and slings hit any set
two targets, Guns this ability can only be used on
targets within 5ft of the first target with the
exception of directly behind.) Normally one attack equals one hit.

Frenzy Fighter-2,500 Ryo
A player with this ability is able to make their attacks strike two adjacent squares within 5ft with one attack. Normally a player can only strike one square, unless they have a reach weapon which they can strike the square behind another. (this ability can only be
taken a second time to let the player attack 3 5ft squares next to each other.

Abilities Empty Re: Abilities

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:00 pm

Gang Fighter-2,000 Ryo
A player with this ability is able to make sweeping attacks that strike a square at
diagonals. (if the player strikes a target in front they also can hit the target at their side
with the same attack. (This ability can be bought to gain a 180 degree attack from just
three of the four squares around them, but no further)

Cheap Shot-2,000 Ryo
A player with this ability is able to use the ability to perform a cheap shot on a target which it makes them prone to an attack. This is similar to rouge performing a feint to perform a sneak attack . Once the target is hit subject takes x20% damage
from the next attack.

Wild Child-2,500 Ryo
Player with this ability has to make a will save in battle or fly in a rage. The Rage is less controlled and the player continues till all have fallen or they have been in the rage increasing damage by 25%.

Abilities Empty Re: Abilities

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:05 pm

Blind sight-1,500 Ryo
A player with this ability is able to 1/per day activates an sonar, letting them get a lock on
locations of hidden /invisible targets. This ability only lasts one round but lets them know
exactly where things are. This ability also helps counter concealment bonuses.

Dark Sight-1,500 Ryo
A player with this ability has Dark vision 120 ft, This acts like activating a pair of night vision goggles in real life. Colors are vacant from the view things are just grey mono tone and any light source is emboldened, Being hit with bright light with this active has the chance of granting a temporary Blindness on the user.

Money Sense-250 Ryo
A player with this ability is able to 1/per day get the idea for the set price of an item. Normally they would learn the estimated price. But with this ability they get the straight answer.

Cheap Skate-3,000 Ryo
A player with this ability is able to find discounts on purchases at times; they gain a
bonus to bargaining for a better price (they 20% less ryo when shopping ) .

Abilities Empty Re: Abilities

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