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The Nibi, Two-Tails

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The Nibi, Two-Tails Empty The Nibi, Two-Tails

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:42 pm

Dormant State This is the symbiotic relationship between the Jinchuuriki and the Bijuu in its most simple form. In many cases, users may go on not even knowing what power they possess inside of themselves. This form increases the user's chakra supply immensely. While the Bijuu's chakra rests deep inside, the actual understanding and ability to use it is limited here.

Chakra supply is increased to x2 that of a normal shinobi.

Perfect Host After reaching the rank of Jounin, the Jinchuuriki is capable of utilizing the Nibi to disrupt their chakra flow in order to end the affects of Genjutsu, regardless of rank. The Jinchuuriki is also capable of faintly feeling the presence of other chakra signature within a fifty meter radius; this allows the user to recognize when they are, or are not, alone. This does not allow them to “track” the signature, however; they’re simply aware that it’s there, and have a rough idea of where it’s coming from.

The user is also capable of using a sliver of the Nibi's chakra, and for a Low increment of chakra, increasing the length and sharpness of their fingernails up to a maximum of eight inches. These claws are incredibly sharp, and are capable of piercing\slashing through traditional steel armor. However, it should be noted that this growth is not instant or immediate; it's slow and steady, reaching their maximum length over the course of several (roughly three) seconds. Likewise, the user is capable of using Mid-cost chakra per turn to steadily and freely manipulate flames already present on the battlefield (though he or she cannot create or expand the flames).

Form 1 This transformation centers around the Jinchuuriki surrounding themselves with a fiery orange coat of chakra. This occurs when the Jinchuuriki begins to tap into a direct supply of volatile chakra that the Bijuu provides its user; it is incredibly dangerous in the sense that this chakra is as alluring as it is addicting, which can lead to the Bijuu overwhelming the user. This form grants the user increased feats of speed and reflexes on par with the 5th gate. Entering this state also gives the Jinchuuriki access to the Nibi's spectral flames, which can be used to customize certain jutsu.

Without proper training, form one lasts for a total of three turns and is the equivalent of using two High-cost jutsu. At the end of three turns, the Jinchuuriki has no choice but to progress into form two, as he or she loses control.

Perfect Host After attaining the rank of Jounin, form one lasts a total of three turns and is the equivalent of using two High-cost jutsu. However, at the end of three turns, the Jinchuuriki may choose to end the transformation, extend it an additional three turns, or progress into form two. Extending or transforming further equates to the usage of a Massive-cost jutsu, and after doing so, the Jinchuuriki can no longer utilize the Bijuu for the remainder of combat.

Form 2 Considered a full transformation, form two occurs when the Jinchuuriki takes on the the more animalistic characteristics of their bijuu. This state increases the Jinchuuriki's size, as well as engulfing them in the Nibi's volatile energy, adding a layer of very protective chakra around their body to shield them from the most capable of physical attacks. Boasting even more impressive speed than the previous incarnation, only the most capable of shinobi are able of sustaining this form. Those lacking the proper training (less than Jounin rank) will attack mindlessly, regardless of who is caught in the crossfire.

The tailed beast in this form gains access to the Two-Tailed Cat Menacing Fire Ball. The tailed beast ball condenses the Nibi's spectral flames into a single point of pure destructive, explosive katon chakra. This can be formed at the cost of 2 x high and is comparable to and incredibly dense, slightly more volatile version of the Grand Fireball.

Lacking adequate training, Form 2 lasts a total of two turns and is comparable to using the 6th gate (in respect to speed). Upon entering Form 2, the Jinchuuriki cannot shut it off as their own chakra is overwhelmed by the two-tails'. As the chakra floods the user's body, additional tails will form; at two tails, the Bijuu's chakra completely overwhelms the user and the Jinchuuriki is rendered unconscious. In this form the Jinchuuriki is limited to simple katon manipulation (not jutsu, but active manipulation of existing fire & the creation of fire expelled from their gut [generated in relatively small spheres that can cause third degree burn]), manipulating the coat of chakra, and the Tailed Beast Ball.

Perfect Host Upon reaching the rank of Jounin, the Jinchuuriki enters a state of complete balance between their own chakra and the chakra of the Nibi. The user can freely tap into the abilities and strengths offered by Form 2 without the hostile penalties associated with prior use of the Nibi's invasive chakra. In this state, the tailed beast ball can be utilized.

As a perfect host, Form 2 lasts a maximum of two turns and is comparable to using the 6th gate (in terms of speed). Form 2 no longer puts the Jinchuuriki into a comatose state, but it does consume a large amount of chakra; similar to the usage of a Massive cost jutsu.

Form 3, Partial Transformation The most prominent ability of the Nibi is the third form, also known as a partial or psuedo-transformation. Only obtainable by a Perfect Host, instead of accessing the standard Form 2, the Jinchuuriki can instead enter this state.

The defining characteristic of this form is being able to transform into a miniature version of the Nibi. Easily towering over the tallest of men (roughly eight meters tall) on all fours, it is capable of completely crushing a fully matured male beneath a single paw. In this state, either the Two-Tailed Cat Menacing Fireball or the bijuu ball may be used for a cost of x2 High. After utilizing this form, (assuming it was not entered after 3 turns of Form 1) the Jinchuuriki can revert back to Form 1 or their human form.

Two-Tails Form The final and most powerful transformation that the Jinchuuriki may undergo. This occurs when the individual is able to tap into the full and natural form of the Nibi by reaching an unparalleled state of symbiosis with the beast. Instead of tapping into the smaller version of the beast's figure, the individual can opt to use a two turn duration to take on the full scale and appearance of the Nibi's natural form. The Jinchuuriki gains substantial speed, well beyond most summons (considering it's size). It also gains a much larger and far more destructive version of the Tailed beast Ball (x3 High cost). This form costs 2 x Massive to form.

It should be noted that the maximum amount of turns these forms can be used is six (if only perfect host form one is used) or 5 (if form two, form two perfect host, or Bijuu form is used).

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